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The Invitation that never was – 15 May 2007


“A walk in the village of Gularbhoj, Uttaranchal”
(1 weekend +fri/mon Between 15-30 june,2007)

A 3/ 4 day rejuvenation camp in company of PEC friends

Are you, yes you: I mean the guy reading this mail, tired of a boring stay at NCR?
Are you frustrated with your routine ?
Do you feel that your company considers you as just an extension of the computer?
Or do you remember the bygones?
Or do you miss Varun Agrawal(not agarwal/not aggarwal)’s company?
Or do you think that you require a break from this !@#$ life of yours??
Or ummm…am running out of ideas..just substitute one here.

If yes!!!

Then we have got the perfect plan for you!!!

Join us at the special village tour at village gularbhoj, District Udham singh nagar, Uttaranchal

Just 6 hours from Delhi by bus (200 KMS)

Exclusivity :

  • no peeping/irritating fellow travelers
  • Good-Old-days feeling
  • Limited seats ( only PEC- electrical 2006 friends of 02459 eligible)
  • Exclusive friend list
    Sharma Ji (the boss)
    GG : the himesh Reshamiya
    RG: the kamaal friend
    Raman Arya & his brother : His excellancy, The prince(s) of Narwana
    Avneet : our gumshuda friend
    Bajad: does he need an introduction??
    Special Attraction : BBBBBUUUUDDDDYYYYYY ( Er Parmeet Singh)
    ( the I’m-coming-on-so – u – better-get-d-party-started Sensation!!!)
  • A walk in the village bazaar
  • A ride in tractor
  • A ‘swim’ in the tube well
  • A picnic on the river
  • A walk on the dam
  • A trip to Nainital
  • Roaming on Nainital streets
  • (if possible) Adventure sports in Rishikesh
  • Meeting with Mr Varun Agrawal(not agarwal/not aggarwal)’s grandmother who knows all
  • the guests.( especially Navu & Bajad)
  • Ghar ka khaana
  • Walk on village streets that lead to nowhere
  • Ride in the Indian railways amidst the last remains of a jungle
  • Bajad & boss’s witty remarks
  • Varun Agrawal’s (not agarwal/not aggarwal) PJ’s
  • Kite flying
  • Watching the 1000’s of firefly(Jugnu)* …..(subject to availability)
  • Star Gazing— Real stars,not city lights/pg 3 people
  • Playing with the dog if he doesn’t bite you
  • Etc etc etc

    However please note: Following activities are banned!!!!!

    · Being in a sullen mood
    · Talking about IT life
    · Not mixing with other guests
    · not being cheerful
    · PEC-LANGUAGE ( YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN *&@#) in village


    Varun Agrawal
    Mumbai contact number : 9833847216

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“The Invitation that never was – 15 May 2007”

  1. On November 21st, 2011 at 10:04 pm Tim St Clair Says:

    Hi Varun, I noticed your profile on linkedin. Then i came across your blog. If you are looking for a new position as you are about to graduate i have a role on with a fund of fund advisory firm which may interest you.

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