Oh me!

We are so small between the stars & so large against the sky. and lost in subway croud, I try to catch your eye …..

ये दिन – केदारनाथ अग्रवाल ( These days by Kedarnath Agrawal)


Kedar often did not name his poems. The first lines were  the name of the poem, something I dont think makes sense. Have thus changed the name of this poem

भूल सकता मैं नहीं

ये कुच-खुले दिन,

ओठ से चूमे गए,

उजले, धुले दिन,

जो तुम्हारे साथ बीते

रस-भरे दिन,

बावरे दिन,

दीप की लौ-से

गरम दिन ।

(My translation follows)

Try yet I cannot forget,

these open breasted days -

kissed by your lips,

these bright, just bathed days.

The ones spent with you,

these sap filled days.

crazy days.

warm, -

warm like the candle flame days.

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