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Oxford MFE 2010


My fascination with Oxford’s MFE program refuses to abate even after my unsuccessful attempt last year. I just submitted my application once again ( tata £75.00 !). The interview decision is awaited on 30th October while final decisions are due by 11 December 09.

I am aware that Berkeley’s MFE and Princeton’s MiF are supposed to be much better than  Oxford’s program, however Oxford remains my dream college. I think it might be because of the beautiful campus, 800 year old history, so many notable indian alumni or may be I’m just bewitched by it.

I think about 120 odd people will apply in the first deadline . I’m quite sure of this statistic. If I’m invited for an interview, there is a strong chance that I’ll fly to Oxford only to give it a shot. Last time I could not completely understand the Corporate Finance question asked to me.

Since last year, three new things have been added to my resume:

  1. I cleared CFA level 3
  2. I’ve done lots of distressed assets deals
  3. I’ve restructured an MBS

Yes, there is the £26,000 + living expenses to worry about, but I’ll cross the bridge when i come to it.

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“Oxford MFE 2010”

  1. On October 9th, 2009 at 4:54 pm Safira Says:


    I applied as well for MFE 2010. How come are you so sure of the 120 applicants statistic for R1? And what do you expect the conversion rate to be then? 20 out of 120 perhaps?

  2. On October 9th, 2009 at 7:02 pm bhaiyyu Says:

    @ safira

    I have no clue about the conversion rate. Official response is that ratio of application : conversion remains the same for all three rounds.

    As for the 120 people stat, it is my extrapolation of the facts observed till now.

  3. On April 18th, 2010 at 4:15 am MFE 09 Says:


    Out of 600 applicants, they keep around 60-70. I’d say that, if you land an interview, the odds are 1:3.

    Hope that helps,

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