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Oxford MFE 2010 Interview Experience


Before I forget, here’s what happened on 19 Nov 09:

Started with me going to Mr Joel Shapiro’s room on first floor. Mr Shapiro had just moved in and some of the boxes were still there. It was a very comfortable setting with me sitting opposite Mr Shapiro. The interview lasted for about 40 mins. It was 100% technical. No standard questions like Why MFE, Why Oxford Etc.

1) What’s your math background?

2) What is Baye’s theorm? ( Had forgotten this, could not answer)

3) How to solve a system of equations? Tell me 3 methods.

4) How to find the area under a curve for discrete points? How is this different from continuous functions?

5) How much Economics do you know? ( told him that I’ve cleared CFA level 3 )

6) Lets play a game. 2 firms produce same good, unconstrained supply, unconstrained demand. Rule is if one price is lower than second’s, all the demand will go to the lower one. Otherwise demand split in two. Is system in equilibrium?

7) What will happen to game at start?

8) how will it progress?

9) what will happen in end?

10) Can the firm earn profits?

11) How can they earn profits? ( told him abt differentiation)

12) how will differenciated goods work?

13) what if differentiated products work? lets say coke and pepsi?

14) How else can they earn profits? ( told him constrained supply)

15-17) how will game start, progress, end in constrained supply?

18) Lets play two period game. What will happen in two periods?

19) any questions ( I said no, had already asked them in the Open day)

I have not studied game theory, so I dont know if my answers were correct or incorrect. But I have a feel that it wasn’t very good interview from my side. That said, Mr Shapiro was great.

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“Oxford MFE 2010 Interview Experience”

  1. On November 26th, 2009 at 8:27 pm Shreya Says:

    Am sure he was just trying to check ur thought process in the game theory questions… just ur business sense since u’ve already done ur MBA and not the technicalities of game theory! Anyways its only if u r able 2 answer all questions in an interview can u b sure it was good otherwise even an interview in which u don’t answer any question right can have positive results! I’m trying hard to not reflect too much upon my interview but failing badly… 11th dec plz come soon!!!

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