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We are so small between the stars & so large against the sky. and lost in subway croud, I try to catch your eye …..

Of Indian horoscope based marriages


F*** Y** Indian caste and horoscope system. You put more weight into a man’s time of birth than his character, more importance in his surname than his credentials, more thought on his God than his ethics, more scrutiny into his sun-sign than his ability to excel at work.

F*** Y** all ye ladkewale. You will go to a pundit to tell you if you should marry a person because you are too stupid to even understand what a janamkundli means. You wont even know why are you doing it.. you wouldn’t know which scripture tells you to do it, yet you will do it. Because you are so shit scared that something will go wrong you don’t want to take a risk. Then of course you will demand obscene amount of dowry because after all that’’s a ladkewala’s birthright.

F*** Y** all ye ladkiwale. You will educate your girl only because you want her to be a “blend of traditional and modern values”. You won’t let her find love because dating-is-oh-so-bad. Then you will force her to marry  a guy who is rich, whose “parents are somebody” and who doesn’t drink or smoke. (“What, he drinks a beer? Oh wo to bahut bigda hua hai. Pata nahi duniya ko kya ho gaya hai aajkal”)

F*** Y**, all ye marriage ceremonies with vulgar and gaudy display of money. Where both parties try to project what they are not, spending lakhs on just another night’s entertainment. With the pandit again coming and chanting shlokas that no one has an idea about. And with the pundit demanding copious amounts of money during the ceremony, you will exchange varmalas at 2 AM in night – with no guests present, all relatives asleep and you ready to perpetuate the cycle.

I hate it.

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