Oh me!

We are so small between the stars & so large against the sky. and lost in subway croud, I try to catch your eye …..

Kunal Verma (1984 – 2009)


My earliest memory of Kunal (Kunnu) is of him sitting in Navu’s room 246 Shivalik Hostel in 2002, taking some stuff from Navneeraj. I had just joined the college and did not know many of my classmates by face or by name. The first question that was asked was – what’s ur name and branch, followed by “what’s your rank?”. The latter often led to questions on IIT rank. It was then I noted that Kunnu had achieved a good rank at JEE entrance but somehow could not make it to finals. I had an instant opinion that this shy guy was intelligent.

Over time I came to know about the day-ski group consisting of Rajat,RG, Sharara, Buddy, Jasleen, Vachla and Kunnu. Somehow kunnu was different from others. He was soft spoken, shy and a simple person. I had interned with him in Kotsons, Agra where we were staying together at his Chacha ji’s home. We both used to stay at the top floor room, where Chachaji had kindly installed a cooler to keep us warm from the sweltering heat. The evening was spent in walking around the locality, looking at transformers and happily amusing ourselves by putting to practice our newfound knowledge. Every day we used to go to the bazaar where we used to drink “Bel ka sharbat” – a sweet yellow drink. Because Kunnu did not know how to drive, I used to drive the scooter to work in the summer of 2004, and we used to keep on chatting about so many things..

Kunnu was a down to earth person who was very interested in knowing about new things. We used to discuss current affairs, what’s going on in college, who is doing what in class, some music and all that stuff that Second Yr students usually discuss. Agra was experiencing electricity cuts that summer and quite often at night we used to find ourselves sleeping under the open sky, talking about the day’s events. Through our talks I realized that Kunnu was quite inquisitive and always wanted to improve himself. Even in Noida when I used to visit RG , Kunnu and I talked about all things under the sun. At that time he was very interested in MBA and I was only too happy to give him my idiotic Gyaan

He had no deceit in him, he could not harm anyone and he was too simple to fool any person. When were in Agra He once said, “Its too hot, I’ll wear a wet Gamcha around my head to keep cool while going to Kotsons” . I had laughed a lot about this and said, “pagal hai kya, pata hai kitna ullu lagega tu!”. It was only a simple person like him who could think of doing things like these, which the image-conscious me could not even imagine.

And I think it was precisely that he was so harmless and simple that people used to take his case, ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

People think that it was a love affair that killed him. I disagree.

It was his ‘friends’ who drove him to such desperation and sadness. I wont say what exactly happened, But his friends know very well what they did with him, how they behaved with him, how they used to make fun of him. With not even a single anchor, not even a single true friend..how would someone feel? I really don’t know.

Let the world think that it was a failed love affair, after all the world wants to be deceived; so let it be…Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

From my side, Kunnu I’m sorry , I never gave you a call, never replied to your messages.. I was too busy in my own idiotic life to think of anybody else. I’m truly sorry to have failed you.

Peace be upon you.

Rajat-RG-Me-Kunal in PEC Chandigarh, 24 may 2006

Rajat-RG-Me-Kunal in PEC Chandigarh, 24 may 2006

Why Buddy is Buddy and why no one can be like Buddy

Buddy with Chivas

Buddy with Chivas

Perhaps even more difficult than the search for the Goly Grail, the search of El Dorado, The search of the fountain of Youth is the Question – “Why Buddy is Buddy and why no one can be like Buddy?”

For those of you who don’t know him, Buddy ( Parmeet Singh) is 25/M/Weird/Witty/Engineer/Doing-good-at-job. He was my classmate for 4 years in Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh (PEC) For the First three years , I found him to be the most weird guy of 2002-06 Electrical Engineering. But in the fourth year my opinions did a volte-face. During a trip with him ( and the class) to Nathpa-Jhakri I realized he was smart, intelligent, funny and good at heart.

Buddy often does things I can not even imagine to do in my weirdest dream. He’s tired of Cities? Ok He’ll go to Chitwan and valley of flowers for 10 days. He’ll go on a trip to a forgotten hamlet in Maharashtra where he’ll only have coconuts and fishes.  He is missing his parents? Ok, He’ll take them to pondicherry on a week’s notice. He’s feeling artistically challenged? Ok, he’ll learn the guitar.He’s feeling lonely? Ok, He’ll talk to every single man/woman/in-between in a bus in some obscure village of Thailand and will make them friends in 5 mins flat. A dog’s barking at him? Ok, He’ll go and pet it and give him a biscuit and within minutes buddy has found a new buddy.

Buddy is the only person who can visit each and every village of Kinnaur district and distribute sweets  like a Santa Claus. Buddy is the only guy who’ll  complete the half marathon of 21 KM  Buddy , After only one day’s practice,  In the most bizarre haircut possible, And with a peg of Chivas Regal in hand

Buddy is buddy and no one can be like buddy because we all are so engrossed in making our tomorrows better that we forget today. We all are like those rats who’ll starrve today to keep storing food for tomorrow. That tomorrow never comes. And we all remain rats.

We all are in pursuit of happiness…..While buddy is happy exactly because he’s not in pursuit of happiness .Buddy and me in Nainital ( Diwali, 2009)

My first Post


Decadence is setting in. My ideas & ethics are dying and am everyday getting more and more materialistic.

A number of thoghts cross my mind everyday. This is an attempt to word my emotions on a gamut of things.

If you’re here to find some fun stuff, you’ll be dissapointed. This is meant to be more of a chronicle rather than an intellectual/entertainment portal!

However, if you’re here to see what have i been up to; you’re more than welcome.

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