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We are so small between the stars & so large against the sky. and lost in subway croud, I try to catch your eye …..

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After the result


There isn’t much that now you can do

So have a smoke and melt in the night dew

Listen to the tick tock of your pocket clock

Wondering if naught is all, all things come to.

Or probably you can have a beer

And look at your despicable self with a sneer

Mediocre you, always knew,

My efforts were impotent, there or here.

So sip the whiskey, soda and scotch

Sit alone on the backside porch

Lo and Behold! As the truth be told

“You were always useless”, Says the watch.

The man who sings hallelujah


The man who sings hallelujah
on the cobbled street in corn market,
does he know?
That his words ride the breeze
and enter the pasty shop,
tiptoe on the book shelf,
smell a dark chocolate,
laugh in the lovers’ ear,
repent on the church altar,
then swing around the coffee machine
before piercing my heart?
Chocking my neck,
overwhelming me, part by part?

This piece was inspired by a man playing/singing  you-know-what in Corn Market Street in Oxford. It was dusk and a slight breeze was present. I was sitting in the courtyard of ‘Church at North Gate’ with Shveta and having a flavoured coffee.To listen to the original song, click here . This is Rufus wainwright. Original is by Leonard Cohen.

समय और काल

समय और काल
खो जाते हैं Oxford की गलियों में.
High Street में, Broad Street में
Christ Church में
Bodleian और  Magdalen में
और St Mary Cathedral की घंटियों में.
समय और काल
पिघल जाते हैं 800 साल पुरानी
दुकानों में, मीनारों में
और Salvador Dali की घड़ियों में.

— 19 Nov 09, Oxford
Bodleian Library is oneof the oldest Library in the world. Magdalen College was established in 1458 AD and is one of the more beautiful colleges in Oxford.

Oxford MFE 2010 Interview Experience


Before I forget, here’s what happened on 19 Nov 09:

Started with me going to Mr Joel Shapiro’s room on first floor. Mr Shapiro had just moved in and some of the boxes were still there. It was a very comfortable setting with me sitting opposite Mr Shapiro. The interview lasted for about 40 mins. It was 100% technical. No standard questions like Why MFE, Why Oxford Etc.

1) What’s your math background?

2) What is Baye’s theorm? ( Had forgotten this, could not answer)

3) How to solve a system of equations? Tell me 3 methods.

4) How to find the area under a curve for discrete points? How is this different from continuous functions?

5) How much Economics do you know? ( told him that I’ve cleared CFA level 3 )

6) Lets play a game. 2 firms produce same good, unconstrained supply, unconstrained demand. Rule is if one price is lower than second’s, all the demand will go to the lower one. Otherwise demand split in two. Is system in equilibrium?

7) What will happen to game at start?

8) how will it progress?

9) what will happen in end?

10) Can the firm earn profits?

11) How can they earn profits? ( told him abt differentiation)

12) how will differenciated goods work?

13) what if differentiated products work? lets say coke and pepsi?

14) How else can they earn profits? ( told him constrained supply)

15-17) how will game start, progress, end in constrained supply?

18) Lets play two period game. What will happen in two periods?

19) any questions ( I said no, had already asked them in the Open day)

I have not studied game theory, so I dont know if my answers were correct or incorrect. But I have a feel that it wasn’t very good interview from my side. That said, Mr Shapiro was great.

Oxford MFE 2010 – Interview Call !


Yay!!! I got an interview call again from the MFE program at Said Business School, Oxford University.

This time they have an open day scheduled on 19 Nov 09. It is a day when u can tour the campus, meet professors and students, and can even attend a dummy class. I plan to attend this open day function and will be flying over to Oxford only for this interview call.

Although my interview went very well last year, I was disappointed that I could not convert it. This time around I think attending the interview in person might make a difference. It will also give me a first hand experience of the place I want to go

BTW, Did I tell you that my Maternal Grandparents (post)graduated from Oxford in 1962? I’m very excited to be going to that place…

Lets hope the VISA falls in place now !

Oxford MFE 2010


My fascination with Oxford’s MFE program refuses to abate even after my unsuccessful attempt last year. I just submitted my application once again ( tata £75.00 !). The interview decision is awaited on 30th October while final decisions are due by 11 December 09.

I am aware that Berkeley’s MFE and Princeton’s MiF are supposed to be much better than  Oxford’s program, however Oxford remains my dream college. I think it might be because of the beautiful campus, 800 year old history, so many notable indian alumni or may be I’m just bewitched by it.

I think about 120 odd people will apply in the first deadline . I’m quite sure of this statistic. If I’m invited for an interview, there is a strong chance that I’ll fly to Oxford only to give it a shot. Last time I could not completely understand the Corporate Finance question asked to me.

Since last year, three new things have been added to my resume:

  1. I cleared CFA level 3
  2. I’ve done lots of distressed assets deals
  3. I’ve restructured an MBS

Yes, there is the £26,000 + living expenses to worry about, but I’ll cross the bridge when i come to it.

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Oxford MFE Interview


काफी लोगों ने कहा है की अपना ऑक्सफोर्ड का interview experience कहीं लिख दूं. आप सभी के लिए यहाँ post कर रहा हूँ. क्यूंकि कुछ लोग हिंदी नहीं जानते, सो अंग्रेजी में लिख रहा हूँ.

My MFE (Masters in Financial Economics) interview was scheduled at 9 30 Am on 27 Feb ‘ 09. As this was a telephonic format, i had to call an international Number at 3 PM IST. I booked a conference room in my company and called Mr Alan Morrison(AM), My interviewer, at 5 mins to 3.

Me-> can I speak to prof Morrison?
AM-> Hello, i guess you’re calling for an MFE interview. Ok, Tell me why you want to join oxford.

AM-> Why MFE

AM-> Tell me about securitization market in India
I told him abt the dynamics, both present and past

AM-> who are the players?
Me- MFs, LIC, Banks Etc

AM-> why do you securitize?
Me-> profit/CAPAD/Liquidity

AM -> Compare US and Indian MBS/ABS
Me-> told abt structures, AAA nature, wat gets sold etc

AM-> WHy do people buy these PTC in India
ME-> told good return, no default. AM seemed interested

AM-> Can US Subprime happen in India?
me-> No.OFS not present. CDO square not present

AM-> Tell me abt pricing of ABS
Me-> Risk Free+ premiums

AM-> OK, you have done MBA.tell me about Miller modigillani propositions.
me-> told him abt prop 1 and prop 2

AM-> connect Miller modigillani proposition 2 with Securitization market i India?
Me-> Stupified. Didn’t get the question.

AM-> Tell me why is a 300 bips spread between AAA and AAA(so) ?
me-> liquidity premium

AM-> Thanks, Any questions?
Me-> scholarship?
Me-> why has TARP sometimes given only $ 1 as aid to some banks?

AM-> Responded.
AM-> Thanks for calling us, expect result on 27 march.

Me- Thanks.

Interview lasted for about 15 mins. Overall it was OK. No cross questioning.It was much more technical than I had expected. I was satisfied, don’t know what will happen although

ऑक्सफोर्ड MFE साक्षात्कार


पाठकों को जानकर खुशी होगी ki मुझे Oxford MFE -2009 program से इंटरव्यू कॉल आई है. मेरा साक्षात्कार २७ फ़रवरी को होना तय हुआ है. किंतु मेरे को मालूम नही की विदेशी प्रबंधन विश्वविद्यालय में किस प्रकार के प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं.

अगर आप में से किसी का इस प्रकार का साक्षात्कार हुआ है, तो कृपया मुझे बताने की कृपा करें!

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अरविंद मामा


मुझे मामा के साथ बात करना पसंद है क्यूंकि हर बार उनसे बात करने पर कुछ नया सीखने को मिलता है और उनका point of view मुझे एक और दिशा दिखता है।

उनसे बात करने से मुझे प्रेरणा मिलती है कि मैं सतत बेहतरी के पथ पर बढूँ। हम रूक नही सकते। हम थक भी नही सकते। मैं नही सोच सकता था कि मैं कभी Oxford/LSE/Stanford कि बातें करूंगा। शायद मैं उन जगह न भी पहुंच पाऊँ, लेकिन यह बात कि आज कमसकम मैं वहाँ जाने की तमन्ना रखता हूँ, क्या यही कुछ कम है?

यह मत सोचो कि अभी क्या मिल रहा है, यह सोचो कि आज से ५ साल या १० साल बाद क्या मिलेगा ।हम जीते या हारे, ये मेरा bhavishya teh करेगा न कि मेरा vartmaan

आहूति बाक़ी, यज्ञ अधूरा
अपनों के विघ्नों ने घेरा
वर्तमान के मोहपाश में ,
आने वाला कल न भुलाएं,
आओ फिर से दिया जलायें! “
~~ वाजपेयी , आओ फिर से दिया जलायें

My first Post


Decadence is setting in. My ideas & ethics are dying and am everyday getting more and more materialistic.

A number of thoghts cross my mind everyday. This is an attempt to word my emotions on a gamut of things.

If you’re here to find some fun stuff, you’ll be dissapointed. This is meant to be more of a chronicle rather than an intellectual/entertainment portal!

However, if you’re here to see what have i been up to; you’re more than welcome.

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