Oh me!

We are so small between the stars & so large against the sky. and lost in subway croud, I try to catch your eye …..

ज़रा हट के, ज़रा बच के 8 May 2007


The fact that I’m writing this piece proves I have been able to survive the 89% humidity levels and the rotten-fish-stench of the Bombay climate. Thank you god that you had sent me to Kota where I was accustomed to all un-inhabitable conditions that humans could stand and am reaping(read sweating) that benefit now.

My project in company is in a mess. My guide has gone to EU to negotiate business while I am left here trying to figure out some way to supplement Unilever’s coffers with yet more riches. My work involves sourcing agricultural raw materials for Unilever worldwide from India. Am working on saffron & Walnuts now and might have to travel to Kashmir for them. After all 98% of these products are in Kashmir. To be specific, 100% of saffron is in pulwama district and 98% walnuts are in Anantnag & Doda district. I have stated to appreciate the stereotypical American Doper’s comment, “Peace man!!”
Anyways, now that I have merrily wasted my time(emptied the coffee machine/surfed the internet/eating Parle G) in office thinking about ‘innovative’ ideas to save moolah on RM, I now dread what if my guide , on coming back from the EU trip, asks what Bajad’s boss asked him, “sow(show) me the money, sow me the money!”
So one day I went to Bandra Bandstand. At 8 PM when I was going there, a policewallah stopped me and asked, “ Where is the girl?”. I answered that I don’t have a girl. At this he replied that I’m not allowed to visit the beach if I don’t have a ‘ladki’.. WTF..man I’m moving towards another spell of depression……..

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